Since 1945, we at Nabil Foods are specialized in manufacturing wide range of frozen & chilled products that include; Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Fish, Pastries, Desserts & Ready Meals from International cuisines with more than Eight hundred employees with high experiences focusing on manufacturing, producing and marketing food products that are available in different styles of packaging, to cater for the retail and wholesale markets.

All our products are Halal 100% and manufactured according to the International standards and specifications including Food Safety Management System ISO22000:2005, Quality Management System ISO9001:2000& Jordan Quality Marks (JQM).

Nabil Food’s raw materials are free from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO free) with no additives and come from only the finest approved suppliers, these suppliers go under tailor made process for being approved.

Nabil Foods has nine production lines; two production lines for frozen chicken, two production lines for frozen beef, one production line for Kubbeh products, one production line for cold cuts, one production line for pastries, one production line for desserts & one production line for ready meals. It’s important to mention that Nabil added the latest two frozen beef & chicken lines that has the most recent technology for manufacturing in this industry; Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) in the region.

Nabil Foods proud to say it has it’s its area of expertise which has been developed from generation to another bringing the latest technologies & techniques in this industry.


Nabil Foodsare being distributed throughout local & international markets to satisfy the different tastes of its clients and to fulfill their needs in food catering to hotels, restaurants (Local & International), hospitals, universities, schools, cafes and airline companies alongside with the retail sector. In addition, it leads in its innovative marketing methods with state of the art research and development centers.

Due to the strict and highest standards process for Nabil’s Foods that start from raw materials, quality assurance and laboratories, storage and packaging, production management not ending with distribution channels only, but also client satisfaction, all of these factors together created and established a high loyal clients for its products which led the distinguished branded restaurants (QSR’s) and point of sales to ask for Nabil products to be served either to be sold for direct clients or for the purpose of catering.

Nabil Foods constantly developing and innovating new methods in manufacturing and marketing its products to ensure they are always with high quality and healthy. It seeks to achieve the best and the latest standards so that the products meet the clients’ expectations and trying to remain the leader in its industry.


Nabil Foods believes that each employee contributes directly to the growth and success of the company hoping you will take pride in being a member of its team and family. Nabil Foods believes that when all employees incorporate the culture and values of the organization, the company works smoothly and successfully.

Nabil Foods looks at its staff to demonstrate loyalty and devotion and to maintain a high standard of professional performance and hard work.

To be the customer’s first choice in the culinary world.

Serving people with superior quality and value products for every meal occasion.

  1.  Service excellence: Providing unique services that satisfy and exceed the expectations of its customers.
  2. Innovation: Deploying creative solutions that understand and meet consumer and customer needs.
  3. Integrity: Adhering to the highest ethical standards and value honesty to ensure that its products are of the best quality.
  4. Team building: Embracing great ideas and respect all individuals.
  5. Social responsibility: Engaging in community service and contribute to a better society.

At Nabil, we are committed to diversifyboth in product range and consumer market. We produce up to 90 tons (200,000 packs) per day of finished products belonging tosevenmajor food product groups: Burger, kubbeh, cold cuts, sweets,ready meals,chickenand pastry.

Our consumer range covers both catering and retail markets and addresses the demands of local, regional and international markets.

At Nabil, we ensure that our suppliers conform to quality assurance (QA) requirementsaccording to the international standards in Jordan in addition to the Nabil food supplier checklistand standards, which includes HACCP, GMPs, Animal Welfare, ISO 9001 ISO 22000, and Halal slaughterrequirements. Suppliers must also provide official data on chemical, GMO-free, microbial and Halal inspections carried out per shipment or on a batch basis. All of our raw materials are sourced from approved suppliersaround the global.

In addition to testing reports from suppliers, Nabil conducts control testing within the plant at various stages of the product process as per industry standards. Raw materials, in-process and finished products and water are all rigorously subjected to the following test:

  • Microbiology lab testing to ensure food safety
  • Sensory analysis to develop and enhance current products
  • Chemical testing using a food scan spectrophotometer to test for fat, protein, moisture and collagen content
  • In-line product inspection and verification

The Nabil warehouse can store up to 2,400 tons and 1,167 of dry and cold finished goods, respectively.We guarantee same day delivery from our warehouse to the Jordan market and three to five days (depending on export country) to export markets and VIPand International Quick services restaurants QSR’S customers, both Jordanian and international.


Food Safety systemISO22000:2005, Quality Management systemISO9001:2008
Food Safety
European Food safety inspection services EFSIS
European Food
Jordan Quality Mark (JQM)
Jordan Quality


 Nabil products are sold in more than 29 countries. As of December 2012, the largest market was Jordan, followed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Iraq. We address the demands of catering, food serviceand retail markets in the Gulf Cooperative Council (GCC) region as well as the largest internationalQSR in the region. We also cover catering and retail markets in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya and Egypt and exports vegetarian products to the U.S. and Australia. Nabil products are also sold to international chains in Jordan and the region, including McDonald’s, Subway, Papa John’s, Fuddruckers andcharley’s.

Nabil’s Promise

Here at Nabil, we care about what you eat. That is why we make tasty food usingthe finest ingredientswhich means that the outcomes will be highest quality of Products –no preservatives or artificial colors. As soon as we make our products, we freeze them and ship them straight to you so you can enjoy the fresh, delicious Nabil taste. And here at Nabil, we keep working hard to make our food even better, each and every day.

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